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Orchestra da Camera Italiana was conceived to promote musical culture and education in Italy and around the world, as well as to assist in the development and careers of young musicians and composers, and to recover, develop and spread the ancient and modern Italian musical heritage.
The Orchestra da Camera Italiana has toured all over the world and has received many prestigious awards and recognitions. It is about to begin its 2011-2012 season of concerts in Italy and all over the world..


Becoming a sponsor of the Orchestra da Camera Italiana means lending your name to a brand of musical excellence with great international prestige and recognition.
Sponsors of the Orchestra da Camera Italiana will have the possibility to organize private events for their clients, to offer music listening courses for their employees, and to receive other exclusive, personalized benefits.
For more information about how to become a sponsor and the exclusive benefits one can receive, please contact our Public Relations office:

Phone: +39 02 49434974

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To give your contribution to the Orchestra da Camera Italiana, make a donation to:

Associazione Orchestra da Camera Italiana
Via Platina 17
26100 Cremona
IBAN: IT 60 K 08454 11400 000000086381
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Donations for the Orchestra da Camera Italiana.

Cremona - Teatro Ponchielli, Salvatore Accardo&OCI

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Salvatore Accardo and OCI - Carpi

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The Orchestra da Camera Italiana (OCI) is the expression of the best artistic results of an exceptional string instruments school, as well as a unique example in Italy, as for technical and expressive unity.

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