Orchestra da Camera Italiana
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A string orchestra that's completely composed of alumni from the same great string instrument school, such as that of Salvatore Accardo, Bruno Giuranna and Rocco Filippini becomes an expressive and technical medium that has no equal among all other current orchestras and chamber groups today.

  The initiative to found a new orchestra came from the desire to put together in a stable and organic team the fruit of the work carried out with the best young musicians within the high specialization courses.

Under the leadership and guidance of Salvatore Accardo, and following the teaching of the extraordinary musicians of the Academy, the orchestra has adopted a unified technique and performance style, such that most technical and musical problems can be quickly and easily overcome, allowing the orchestra to dedicate its energies to the interpretation of the score, thus granting a rare and unified expressiveness.

Salvatore Accardo
Giusy Minicucci

Foundation Board

Ludovico Lessona
Umberto Egaddi
Luciano Moffa
Salvatore Accardo

Board of Directors


Salvatore Accardo
Antonio CalabrĂ²
Eugenio Falanga
Laura Gorna
Francesco Micheli
Giusy Minicucci
Antonio Mormone
Paolo Salvelli
Roberto Spada

Salvatore Accardo and OCI - Lucca

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Salvatore Accardo and OCI - Carpi

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Knowing the music: deepening, cards, listening and videos to approach musical history and tradition

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